Reservation Policy


For Pre-assessment and validation needs, just provide the following:

  1. Valid ID
  2. Photo copy payment slip

For qualified applicants:

  1. Passes the NDI Requirement.
  2. Pays Reservation Fee of P 10,000.00 for old and new projects.
  3. Submits the following documents:
    • Buyers Info Sheet + four (4) 1 x 1 ID photo;
    • Gov’t. issued ID (ex: driver’s license, SSS ID) company ID & other identification papers, if needed;
    • 1-month Pay slip and / or proof of other income and / or assets
    • Complete Set of Signed Loan documents
    • Option Agreement
    • Contract to Sell
    • Deed of Restriction
    • Buyer’s Undertaking
    • Special Power of Attorney (if needed)
    • Signed Disclosure Statement
    • Required Post dated Checks (3 equity installments + 46 for monthly amortizations and SRI/FI premiums + 1 guarantee check)

Use the Quick inquiry form below for an immediate response to your questions: